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Endless Immersion 3 is Here

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The next installment of the Endless Immersion series and another full hour of seamless, immersive musical experience is here.

As always, I have a difficult time categorizing my music. This album dwells somewhere between contemporary classical, experimental, avant-garde, and ambient electronic genres. Spotify has me pinned as a Renaissance composer, but that’s another story.

Endless Immersion is like an ever changing mist that fills the air enveloping the listener. It pulsates, vibrates, tingles, changes colors, and sweeps in waves and layers that come and go, morph, merge, dissolve, and drift away. 

I originally composed Endless Immersion for a quadraphonic environment in partnership with Asheville’s visual artist Lynda Sondles and together we built a three-dimensional installation to “contain” the music. In this setting, two independent stereophonic music loops of different lengths are aligned in such a way that the sonic environment unfolds endlessly with the listener experiencing always fresh combinations of sounds. 

Thank you for listening, for sharing, and for your kind messages.


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