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I Need Spotify Help

Please, for the love of God, can some kind person add my music to several Spotify playlists? My algorithm is completely off. I am currently pegged as a Renaissance composer, all because my contemporary rendition of Luca Marenzio’s “Solo e pensoso” is required listening for music history students (not my particular rendition, but the composition itself).

I would be grateful if you could list Endless Immersion somewhere in the neighborhood of experimental, avant-garde, electro-acoustic, contemporary classical, ambient, meditation, and Glossolalia (string quartet) in the contemporary classical, modern, avant-garde, chamber music.

If you add me to a public playlist, feel free to share your list in the comments so others can follow it. If you don’t have playlists, you can mark my tracks or albums to your favorites. This helps more than you realize.

Thank you for your continual support. Another album is on the way (not of Renaissance music 🙂 ).

Spotify Artist: Dosia McKay


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