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In Search of Divine Patterns


I have always believed that there is a divine order in all things. Studying calculus in college and diving deep into music theory showed me hidden treasures few people are privileged to experience. In recent weeks I have spent countless hours examining tetrachord, pentachord, and hexachord tables based on the work of Arnold Schoenberg and Allen Forte. I see patterns and hidden relationships in them similar to those found in color theory. Although I am not synesthetic, I am acutely aware of and obsessed with harmonic structures, their internal and external relationships, and most importantly, their ability to convey emotion.

Cataloging emotions is elusive, yet I have begun recognizing distinct patterns as I study my color coded index card collection. I have realized that my affinity for certain sounds can be described in several numeric or geometric patterns (DNA?). I feel like the Universe has let me take a peak into its mysteries and leaving me more curious and intrigued. I have embedded some of these findings in the second movement of my harpsichord concerto and I am sure they will continue to influence my future compositions.


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