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Dear Fans, I Need Your Help!

Endless ImmersionDear Friends and Fans, I need your help!

Please help me spread the word about my new album “Endless Immersion”. I have no agent, no publicity firm, and no organization to make me look hip and electable. I champion no political agenda and do not sell T-shirts or buttons. All I offer is music in its purest form.

If I have made any progress in recent years, it is because a Friend shared my link, sent an e-mail, or suggested I contact someone. This is all grassroots activity by people who have been personally touched by my art. Please share the link below or links to my YouTube videos and SoundCloud previews of the album.

I am also looking for magazines and blogs to review this unique project. If you have ideas about whom I should contact or know someone you can contact on my behalf, now would be a good time to do it.

Thank you for your encouraging comments, for purchasing my music, and personal messages you have sent to let me know that what I do matters to you. I am grateful.


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