Music Well – Dosia McKay, Composer, Painter, Writer

Reflections on Art and Life


An agent is easy to spot in a crowd
He wears a three-day stubble
And a white cotton shirt
With nonchalantly rolled up sleeves

Behind designer shades
The dark circles under his eyes
Betray his liberties
With multiple time zones
And he always pays with cash

When a long-legged brunette
Brings him a martini
He acknowledges her
With a chilled smile
And a quick sweep-around
From the corners of his eyes

The train arrives
At fourteen past twenty
That leaves exactly
Twelve and a half yards
From the nearest exit
With a full tank of gas
And a set of scalpels
Milan should be within reach
Before daybreak

This time of the year in Belgrade
The satellite phone reception
          Kate wanted a small wedding
Is intermittent with contradicting instructions
          But her father insisted on the country club
It’s all about planning and some improvisation
          He was impressed with the ivy league degree
A steady hand and relaxed breathing
          She never enjoyed reading
A flawless poker face
          Chattered endlessly about nothing
Moss green eyes that perceive everything
          And interrogated him about his feelings
Yet reveal nothing
          She always thought he was obsessive-compulsive
The meeting is in the usual place
          Too nit-picking
Walk confidently but not abruptly
          Why did he ask her about the front brakes?
Let them assume whatever they may
          And then he left so suddenly on Monday
The key is in the glove compartment
          He is so utterly boring
Of a Volvo which is parked
          And completely lacks imagination
Sixty five meters from the intersection
          Some men have wit and an aura of danger
Rely on gut feeling, spatial coordination and
          They know what they want
Be three moves ahead of competition
          And take it without hesitation
It becomes second nature
          Is it too much to want a little adventure?
Always carry an extra pair of latex gloves
          Maybe he has someone?
Dental floss can also do the trick
          No, he couldn’t hide anything
The German passport is inside the cover
          She will tell him they could try harder
Of Crime and Punishment on the second shelf
          And give it more time
When exposed deny everything
          Talk things through
Remove all traces of evidence
          Try to remember what brought them together
Lay low for a while and
          Ease up on all this travel
Resurface in Zurich by Friday
          Or remodel the house
Then evaluate the difference
          Or have a baby
Between real and perceived danger
          Or just call it quits
When in doubt abort the mission
          It’s half past midnight
The safe house has a first aid kit
          And he is not going to call after all
And a one way ticket to Madrid

©2008 Dosia McKay

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