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It is true that it takes a long time for the performer to bring a composition to its fullest potential. The notes and the phrases remain the same, but with every practice session, with every public performance, the work becomes more solidified, more polished, and refined. It is very gratifying to me as a composer to see my music blossom this way. When I first compose a piece, I have a general vision of what it can be, but it is still hazy and wishful. Only with the time and dedication of gifted players, the intangible reality can be realized.

Audiophiles live for those nuances. They scour the market for different recordings by different ensembles in different concert halls to compare the tempos, the dynamics, the timbres. The music lives on in different interpretations, it finds new flavors, shades, moods.

Stop and pause to think about the wealth of expressions found in acoustic instruments in the hands of live masterful performers. Honor and protect this fragile artform.


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