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Is Now Not Enough?

“Is Now Not Enough?” explores the restlessness and insatiability of the human spirit. The same invisible force that propels migrating birds and fish, seems to stir the imagination in search of the ideal and the transcendent, but can it ever be truly found? The music echoes the themes I have explored earlier in my poem entitled “Unfurling”:

Be still my soul
What is your unfurling?
Your trembling?
Your flutter?
What is your ache?
A void that’s ever empty
What is your shape
That I may fill it?
Chords unstrummed?
Songs unsung?
Words unspoken?
Colors unseen?
A flock of geese
Captured in perpetual takeoff
You have startled
The stillness of the pond
Marred it with ripples
Your wings
Water shedding
Gasping for air
What is your haste?
Is now not enough?
Is here not plenty?
Run, soul, run
For stillness be the death of you
Chase the sun

Karolina Piątkowska-Nowicka – 1st violin
Paweł Kapica – 2nd violin
Michał Markiewicz – viola
Krzysztof Pawłowski – cello

©Ⓟ2014 Dosia McKay / Gavia Music (ASCAP), all rights reserved

For private use only. If you would like to use the track in your creative project, whether for profit or without profit, please contact the composer about licensing.

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