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Open Doors

Dosia McKay - ConvergenceI keep having recurring dreams in which I encounter open doors that need closing. I get distracted in the dream, the doors remains open in the basement or on the other end of the house, and I wake up feeling responsible for the oversight. I keep hoping that next time I fall asleep, I will be able to go back and close them.

I bought a two- or three-story house in one of the large European cities, in Spain, I think. It has a large clean basement with large double doors on the side. I felt the draft coming in from downstairs, and sure enough, the doors were ajar. Inside there stood a girl, maybe eleven years old, with long black curly hair. She was going to tell me why she was there and what I needed to know about the new house. I woke up before she spoke. I have not been able to go back. The doors remain open.

“Convergence”, acrylics and ink on stretched canvas, 18 x 24 x 0.75 in (45 x 61 x 2 cm)

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