Music Well – Dosia McKay, Composer, Painter, Writer

Reflections on Art and Life


Dear Life
Please note that
Observance of guidelines
Stated in the
Policy Manual
Is mandatory

Sharp turns
Are discouraged
As are U-turns
And turns for the worse

All surprises
Must be approved
In advance
By the management

Impractical ideas
Must be labeled as such
And stored in a contained environment

Gambling is
Strictly prohibited

Uncooperative people are
No longer allowed on the premises

All muses must be kept
On a leash or in a locked cage

Disappointments will be
Transferred to another department

Proof of immunization must be
Attached to the application

Will not be tolerated

Meaninglessness must be
Immediately reported

Doubts will be
Prosecuted to the
Furthest extent of the law

Waiting is permissible
Only in well-lit areas
With clearly outlined
Routes of evacuation

Termination of contract
Will not occur until
Deemed agreeable to the board

Thank you for your

Have a nice day

©2009 Dosia McKay


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