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Bubble Tree – A Soundtrack to Short Film

The Bubble Tree – a soundtrack I composed a few years ago for this fun short film. I can’t decide if the movie is uplifting or depressing.

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Sweet Delirium from Lacrimosa

Sweet Delirium from my album Lacrimosa

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World War I Flavored Film Score

Here is a soundtrack I composed a few years ago to “Brothers in Arms” (2006) by Amos Ezra Katz. Using French horns, English horn, clarinet, guitar, and percussion, I attempted … Continue reading

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Mereise Ine Me – Download New Vocal Single

Lest all glory goes to Glossolalia, here is another recent release – a composition for electronically enhanced voice and a bass instrument: Mereise Ine Me. You can share and download … Continue reading

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Every Composer’s Dream

Would you like to know what’s it like to work with world-class musicians? It’s like this: I draw for them a black-and-white drawing and they transform it into a 3-D … Continue reading

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I am in Poland!

I have survived a major snow storm in North Carolina and, after a few flight cancellations and rebookings, I made it to Poland. I’m in Gdańsk, an old coastal town … Continue reading

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Glossolalia – New String Quartet

Glossolalia – this is the title of my new string quartet, probably the most hypnotic and ecstatic composition I have written to date. Here is a snapshot of the MIDI … Continue reading

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Mereise Ine Me – New Vocal Track

Mereise Ine Me – enjoy the latest piece I wrote for electronically enhanced voice and a bass instrument. If I get a request from an interested choir, I would like to … Continue reading

November 18, 2013 · 2 Comments

City Lights – New Soundscape Track for Download

City Lights – my latest soundscape track. Free download for a limited time. Please share with friends. I am very curious what images come to your mind when you listen … Continue reading

November 11, 2013 · 1 Comment

Cherry Blossom Set To Modern Dance

This Friday, September 27, the FresNO Dance COllective (NOCO) under the direction of choreographer Amy Querin will dance to Cherry Blossom from my album Lacrimosa at the Current for Women … Continue reading

September 25, 2013 · 1 Comment

Modern Dance With Cherry Blossom

I am very excited that NOCO – FresNO Dance COllective will dance to Cherry Blossom from my album Lacrimosa at the end of September. I always love to see my … Continue reading

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Does Music Require a Melody?

Is a good melody a prerequisite of a good/interesting musical composition? What do you think? Here is a soundtrack I wrote a couple of years ago for a silent film … Continue reading

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Dosia McKay – Composer Portrait – Part 2 – Lacrimosa

Here is the second part of my documentary in which I discuss the birth of my album Lacrimosa. If you missed the first part, you can watch it here.

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Dosia McKay – Composer Portrait – Part 1

If we have not met in person, this might be the second best. In this candid video I discuss my pathway to composition, the sources of inspiration for my music, and … Continue reading

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Glass – New Electronic Music Single

Look at what I dug out for you! In 2009 I participated in the annual Art Moves, a collaboration of original art, music, and dance inspired by artwork at the … Continue reading

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Anemone from Lacrimosa with Choreography by Ann Dunn

Enjoy Anemone, the closing track from my album Lacrimosa, here in the interpretation of choreographer Ann Dunn of the Asheville Ballet. The video features a live performance at the Diana … Continue reading

October 5, 2012 · 2 Comments

My Music on SoundCloud

You can now find some of my music on SoundCloud – listen, download, comment, or follow me.

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Middle Eastern, Indian, and Western Instruments Create a Unique Blend in the Soundtrack

I recently had the privilege to work on a soundtrack to a documentary entitled “The Work is One” by Michelle Pomeroy from the NYU Wagner School of Public Service. The … Continue reading

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My Musical Interpretation of “The Girl on the Bridge” Knife Throwing Scene

I had the privilege to record 4 demo soundtracks with the NYU session players over the last two years. My first session featured 5 instruments, the second session – 11, … Continue reading

June 22, 2011 · 4 Comments

Enchanting Soundtrack to a Short Film “The Garden”

I recently completed a demo soundtrack to “The Garden” (2009) – a short film by Jason Stefaniak. Enclosed is only a short fragment of the film. My goal in writing … Continue reading

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The Bubble Tree – Winner of the Skirball Film Scoring Competition

My score to The Bubble Tree, an animation by Ran Jing recently won the Skirball Film Scoring Competition and was premiered by the NYU Symphony Orchestra in a live concert … Continue reading

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New Soundtrack: Brothers in Arms – A Short Film by Amos Ezra Katz

I recently completed a score for “Brothers in Arms” (2006) by Amos Ezra Katz. Using French horns, English horn, clarinet, guitar, and percussion, I attempted to create a dark, emotionally … Continue reading

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Birds – A New Soundtrack to a Scene from a Film by Alfred Hitchcock

I recently completed another film scoring etude by composing new music to a scene from the 1963 film “Birds” by Alfred Hitchcock. Creating psychotic chaos from musical material takes a … Continue reading

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New York Connection – A New Soundtrack to a Short Film by Rob Bianco

Rob Bianco’s short thriller “New York Connection” caught my eye with its black-and-white avant garde cinematography. Because I don’t like predictable soundtracks, and enjoy venturing out into strange musical territories, … Continue reading

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Words – A New Score to a Short Film by Max Strebel.

Here is a little gem of a film – “Words” by Max Strebel (2009). I wrote a demo music soundtrack to it as an exercise for one of my composition … Continue reading

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People and Landscapes of Catalonia at the Washington International Film Festival

I just completed a score to a Catalan silent film depicting cultural life of the early XX c. Barcelona. I colaborated with three other composers and we are pleased to … Continue reading

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New Soundtrack to a Scene from Ivan’s Childhood

Here is a scene from Ivan’s Childhood (1962) by Andrei Tarkovsky I scored recently. I recorded the soundtrack at the new Dolan Studio at New York University. Ivan’s Childhood is … Continue reading

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The Climb – New Soundtrack to a Short Film by Vincent Ma

I am happy to unveil the soundtrack to a short film by Vincent Ma, a talented filmmaker from the NYU Tisch School of the Arts. This beautiful and evocative film … Continue reading

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War and Peace – A New Soundtrack to the Battle Scene

I am pleased to present my latest scoring demo – the battle scene from the 2007 War and Peace film by Robert Dornhelm and Brendan Donnison. It is a mixture … Continue reading

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New Soundtrack – Mister Jung Stuffed – Short Film by Ann Orrin

I have finished scoring a short film by a graduate of the Tisch School of the Arts – Ann Orrin. Those of you who have followed my musical path for … Continue reading

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New Soundtrack – Homecoming – Short Film by Josiah Signor

I recently finished scoring a short film by Josiah Signor – Homecoming. I attempted to illustrate the emotions of this intimate and moving film with the simple instrumentation of clarinet, … Continue reading

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New Soundtrack – Original Music Score to Freaks

The enclosed is a scene from the 1932 film “Freaks” I scored recently. Those of you who follow my whereabouts might know that I am currently studying scoring for film … Continue reading

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Glass – Electronic Soundtrack – New Music for Dance

Excerpt 1 Excerpt 2 This past winter I was invited by a fellow composer and my former teacher James R. Carlson to participate in the annual Art Moves, a collaboration … Continue reading

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Making Music, Making Love

Several years ago I was in need of some mindless decompression and so I went to the movie theater to see a popular at that time chick flick The Devil … Continue reading

May 14, 2008 · 1 Comment

Orchestration / Scoring Demos

A good composer has to be able to wear many hats; that of an orchestrator, arranger, conductor, instrumentalist, and, of course a creator / inventor. I finally had some time … Continue reading

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Epiphanies – Artwork and Music Combined

I thought I would experiment with combining my abstract painting with music. The video features 10 of my paintings and the soundtrack is one of my electronic compositions entitled Thousands … Continue reading

March 20, 2008 · 4 Comments

Colargol – Music Influences, Polar Bears, and First Loves

It would be very sophisticated and high-brow to list Scriabin or Schoenberg as my musical influences. Brahms might be classy, and Bach perhaps too predictable. But in all truth and … Continue reading

December 18, 2007 · 4 Comments

Inspector Bergen Returns – New Music for Percussion

I love British drama on PBS, especially the detective series, such as The Prime Suspect with Helen Mirren, The Inspector Lynley Mysteries with Nathaniel Parker, Second Sight with Clive Owen, … Continue reading

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