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Seeking an American Premiere of a String Quartet

I recently sent the score to “Glossolalia”, my string quartet, to Canada. I am happy that this piece is enjoying international travels. It has been previously performed at music festivals … Continue reading

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Glossolalia Premieres in China

NeoQuartet is taking Glossolalia to China to the Beijing Modern Music Festival, marking the premiere of my music on the 4th continent.

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First Premiere in my Home Country of Poland

An emotional moment in my career as NeoQuartet is about to premiere “Glossolalia” and “Is Now Not Enough?” in my home country of Poland, not very far from where I … Continue reading

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Premiere of “First In Flight” for Vibraphone and String Quartet

At the premiere of my new piece for vibraphone and string quartet entitled “First In Flight” in Asheville. Here I am introducing the piece to the audience.

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Dress Rehearsal – Vibraphone and String Quartet

Rehearsing “First In Flight”. Sincerely yours conducting.

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Rehearsing with Vibraphone

“Less pedal in this section, match the articulation of the strings.” Rehearsing “First In Flight” with Jason DeCristofaro Listen to the MP3 sample: Learn about the piece:

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New Composition – Premiere in Asheville

Here is an article in the Mountain Xpress, the local Asheville paper, about the premiere of my piece for vibraphone and string quartet on the Composers’ Concert this Sunday.

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String Quartet Premiere in New York – March 10

My new string quartet will be premiered on March 10 at 1:00 pm on the Composer’s Voice Concert in Jan Hus Presbyterian Church in New York by Josh Henderson, Blake … Continue reading

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New String Quartet – Rehearsal via Skype

Skyping the rehearsal of my new string quartet. Unfortunately the speed of the connection was not sufficient to handle the audio and the sound was very choppy. Maybe next time … Continue reading

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New String Quartet – Is Now Not Enough?

I am pleased to announce that I have finished writing a new string quartet. I have entitled it “Is Now Not Enough?”, as the music explores the restlessness and insatiability … Continue reading

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Preliminary Sketch of the New String Quartet

This is a preliminary sketch of my new string quartet which will be premiered in New York this March.

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In the Studio – Planning the New String Quartet

I have a premiere of a new string quartet in March in New York. I always begin with a sketch of the formal design.

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