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From Faint Inklings to Tangible Embodiments

Once upon a time, Kate Steinbeck had a faint inkling about commissioning new music for her ensemble. We had talked about it many months in advance, before she really knew … Continue reading

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Rubble Becomes Art – Score Editing

The final and crucial step of self-editing. Yes, I could catch the same mistakes on the computer screen, but there is something tangible and more immediate about editing on paper. … Continue reading

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Chamber Music Commission – Art Songs

In celebration of its 20th season (2019-2020), Kate Steinbeck and Pan Harmonia have commissioned me to create an innovative work for voice, flute, bassoon and guitar for the chamber music … Continue reading

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Why You Are Afraid to Commission a Composer

You are a soloist, a music director of an ensemble, or an artist in another field looking for original music to complement your project but you are apprehensive because You … Continue reading

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How to Commission New Music?

Because sometimes people don’t know what to expect when they approach a composer, I am publishing my Creative Fee Schedule for Concert Works. Soloists, ensemble directors, patrons, let’s build the … Continue reading

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Commissioning New Music – What Is It All About?

Would you like to do something extraordinary? Would you like to make history? Would you like to increase the measure of happiness and beauty in the world? Why not commission … Continue reading

September 16, 2013 · 3 Comments
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