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Glossolalia Premieres in China

NeoQuartet is taking Glossolalia to China to the Beijing Modern Music Festival, marking the premiere of my music on the 4th continent.

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Arts Education Behind the Iron Curtain, Part 2

If you have not read the first part of this essay, you might benefit from reading it to establish the context of the following. The first day at the Conservatory … Continue reading

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New Year, New Curriculum Vitae

New year, new Curriculum Vitae, or at least an updated one. I have done so much. I have done so little. Composer Biography

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Sweet Baby – Choral Premiere in New York

Premiere of Sweet Baby, my new choral piece, performed by the members of C4 under the direction of Fahad Siadat. New York, Composer’s Voice, June 29, 2014, Jan Hus Presbyterian … Continue reading

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Upcoming Choral Premiere in New York

This week I will be studying the score to “Sweet Baby” – a choral piece I recently wrote for a New York premiere by the members of the C4 Ensemble. … Continue reading

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Mereise Ine Me – Download New Vocal Single

Lest all glory goes to Glossolalia, here is another recent release – a composition for electronically enhanced voice and a bass instrument: Mereise Ine Me. You can share and download … Continue reading

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New Choral Music

I am writing a fun piece for SATB a cappella chorus for a June premiere in New York by the members of the C4 Ensemble. The piece is entitled “Sweet … Continue reading

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Mereise Ine Me – New Vocal Track

Mereise Ine Me – enjoy the latest piece I wrote for electronically enhanced voice and a bass instrument. If I get a request from an interested choir, I would like to … Continue reading

November 18, 2013 · 2 Comments

Delightful Art – Education, Techniques, and a Toolbox of Renaissance Composers

Did Renaissance composers in training use pencil and paper? Did they study scores of their mentors? Was improvisation strictly forbidden? What was the ratio of boys to girls in a … Continue reading

April 28, 2013 · 1 Comment

Song of the Seraphim – New Choral Music

I went to King College in Bristol, Tennessee to witness the premiere of my Song of the Seraphim. Dr. Pat Flannagan and the Chamber Choir performed the piece in a … Continue reading

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