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Hello There, Music

No one knows I have begun working on the cello solo piece, not even Scot Williams who commissioned it. Earlier this week I casually began drafting the shape of the music with some melodic ideas, and things started to move quickly. A few glances at the orchestration book to brush up on double stops, then drawing out the fingerboard to keep the circus acrobatics to a minimum. A few plucks on my own instrument just to check the stretch of the left hand.

I have no preconceived ideas. I am letting the music come to me and let it become what it wants to be. I might trim it a little bit here and there, elongate it or transpose it, but I don’t tell it what it should express. I am miles away from giving it a title. This will happen in due time when we become more acquainted.

I have lots of experience and a solid set of skills but with every new composition, I am amused and surprised by what is knocking on my door. Oh, hello there, interesting chord, hello asymmetrical rhythmic pattern, hello long smooth phrase. Let’s make up some music.


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