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New Music for Cello

I am thrilled to be commissioned by D. Scot Williams to compose a new work for cello. Not a stranger to contemporary music, Scot has previously commissioned several other composers, understanding the value of investing in broadening the repertoire for his instrument.

We have met to discuss Scot’s expectations and ideas for the piece but, generally, he has left me with a blank canvas and very few constraints.

I am always in awe of that period of time when there is only silence and darkness, right before musical ideas begin to emerge faintly. Now nothing exists yet and anything is possible. But, at the same time, the finished music does exist already in the future, and all I need to do is to unveil it, unwrap it, chisel it out, or pry it with a claw out of my subconscious mind.

What will be revealed to me in the upcoming weeks? How will it sound? How will it express and seal the memory of this season of time? What will it say?

I am not afraid of the silence or the blank canvas. Both are a playground for the brave and curious.

Photo credit: Gregg Perry

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