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Circadian Rhythm

I am learning about solar noon and solar midnight. In London, for example, they happen at 1:04 pm and 1:04 am. If we assume that the optimal sleep length is about eight hours, then, if we wanted to live according to the circadian rhythm (in London), we would go to sleep at 9:04 pm and wake at 5:04 am. Lunchtime would happen at solar noon, 1:04 pm, then breakfast and dinner, for optimal digestion, would also be spaced 4 hours away from lunch (solar noon) at 9:04 am and 5:04 pm.

I am quite good with my meal timing but terrible when it comes to bedtime. I usually get my second wind and new ideas around 11:00 pm and stay up till 1:00 am. Then mornings are usually slow and unproductive. I would love to be able to adjust to the circadian model above and see how my well-being and creative focus could benefit.


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