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Things I Wish I Knew

On the occasion of the release of the 3rd Endless Immersion album, I am reminded of the video I created for the first one. My hair might be different now but the spirit of the music remains.

Things I wish I knew back then (hindsight is 20/20); don’t be such a purist and go ahead and cut up the music into manageable tracks instead of insisting on seamless one-hour sonic extravaganzas. Streaming services and society plagued by attention deficit disorder don’t take kindly to such nonsense.

My hardcore fans appreciated the originality, but the 3rd iteration of Endless Immersion comes in shorter tracks. Now, for the first time, I see that some obscure streaming algorithms begin to acknowledge my existence. Still, you can manage your playback setting to have no breaks between the tracks and get the same seamless experience.

Thank you for listening, listing (Spotify), and sharing. A new album coming out this spring. More news will follow soon.


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