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Composer Desk Again

I am documenting this makeshift set up before the arrival of my new desk. It looks convoluted but ergonomically speaking, it works very well. It is actually my drafting table secured on both sides with keyboard stands. Since the height of the tabletop is regulated with simple tension screws that could not hold the weight of two monitors, the extra layer of stability was called for. (Please don’t try this at home).

In addition, the white drafting table is placed backwards to give me the extra overhang above the keyboard. I very much enjoyed the depth and width of this desk, especially after I enhanced it with the side glass desks. I’ve had these for over 10 years and they have served me well, though I have replaced the glass a couple of times. But now I am waiting for a new fat-daddy (fat-mama) desk that is hopefully going to supersede all my previous set ups and put an end to all my engineering antics.

I always judge the desk by the music it produces and this one has seen me write a brand new album I hope to release early next year.    


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