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“Watercolors” for Orchestra to be Premiered by the Knoxville Symphony

Knoxville Symphony

I am delighted to share that my “Watercolors” for Orchestra will be premiered by the Knoxville Symphony on the Masterworks Series concert in October. Although I was not born in Knoxville, I very much consider it my home town since here I was sworn in as an American citizen and also here, at the University of Tennessee School of Music, completed my undergraduate degree in music composition.

After nearly a decade away spent in New York, Asheville, and Portland, I once again claim Knoxville as my own. That’s why it is heartwarming to have my music recognized in this town and to be welcomed by local musicians and performing organizations. Thank you, Aram Demirjian, for programming my music and for consistently highlighting other living composers.

As a bonus, the October concert will be conducted by James Fellenbaum. When I was an undergraduate student in composition at the University of Tennessee in 2006-2009, I played the flute in the University Orchestra under Mr. Fellenbaum’s direction. I remember those years fondly not only as a player but also as a composer, taking every opportunity to observe his rehearsal style and the interaction of instruments from within the ensemble. It will be very meaningful for me to have him conduct my music.

As another bonus, my music will be featured along with Fryderyk Chopin (Piano Concerto No. 2 performed by Michelle Cann) and Pyotr Tchaikovsky (Symphony No. 6, “Pathétique”), the giants of the Slavic lyricism, who will always be a part of my musical DNA.


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