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Freakish Intensity


The cover design made it more real. The novel is out with the editor and I am inching toward the release of the book. I am about to enter the uncharted (for me) territory of self-publishing. Well, that’s not quite true because I have been publishing my music for years, but book publishing is another world. One filled with ivy league graduates who majored in English literature. So here I am, an ESL imposter who should know her limitations. And yet I feel compelled to bring this story to the world because it had come upon me with such freakish intensity that I could not rest until I wrote down everything it wanted to tell me. I don’t pretend to be a full-time writer and I don’t have time for a lengthy marketing campaign but I know that, by the word of mouth, the story will reach those who need to read it.


One comment on “Freakish Intensity

  1. Judith
    August 26, 2022

    “The Flow” by Dorsia Mckay, was a revelation for me. Being a creative person by birth and profession in the arts of music and visual arts, I felt drawn to Dosia’s themes. It was like a friend finally found me in the midst of a troubling crowd. The novel warmed me and gave me strength for my own times of dry periods. Beautifully written and I look forward to another novel by this wonderful author.
    Judith SF

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