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The Flow – A Psychological Thriller for Artists and Creatives


The Flow, my psychological thriller went out to Beta Readers today. I never thought I would write a book like this. I was only going to outline the plot, just for fun. Then I was going to only write the first chapter, just to see if there was anything to it. Then I couldn’t stop. My characters changed my outline and told me I didn’t understand them. They had something else in mind…

Crippled by severe anxiety and personal failures, Claudia seeks solace at an artist retreat on a remote island on St. Lawrence River, but peace and clarity of mind are elusive. Her music composition career lies in shambles before it has even begun, and she has lost all motivation to fight for it. She will be swept unexpectedly into the world of opera, fine paintings, and literature. A turbulent sequence of events will push her over the edge and force her to examine how much she is willing to sacrifice for her art and what it means to stay true to herself.


What do you think?

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