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Dear Asheville,

Thank you for everything! The last five years have enriched me with new friendships, scenic natural surroundings, and much inspiration for music composition and art making. I am grateful. But now I must follow a new path and make room in my life for new possibilities. My family and I are preparing for a cross country venture, all the way to the West Coast. We are 85% sure we will land in Portland, Oregon.


One comment on “Goodbye

  1. Timothy Swain
    March 7, 2017

    I just discovered Dosia McKay (through the lutenist Will Tocaben’s recording of PARTING) & she thinks she’s coming to my home town (Portland, Oregon)! She will be very welcome here! The lute-work she wrote is fantastic; how sad that it’s been arranged for of-all-things a GUITAR! Why does not she recognize the beauties, the challenge, the scope of the LUTE? What is that matter with her! (from an old lutenist/violist who’s too old for anything…but who has just discovered her in all her intelligence…) when will the lute be properly recognized as the great instrument it is, & its varieties be recognized ??! (She is remarkably great I must say!)

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