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Women Who Shape Us

GrandmotherI will wish my Mother a happy Mother’s Day on May 26 because that’s when the Polish celebrate it. Today I am posting a photograph of my Grandmother.

Not a great housekeeper, her dishes soaked in the sink for days and her table was always covered with scraps of fabrics and cutouts for many projects she worked on at the time or was going to finish one day. I was fascinated by her scissors which cut fabric and paper in a zigzag pattern.

When we visited, she shoved everything over to make room for pretty china plates and real silverware on white tablecloth. She bought fantastic pastries from a posh bakery for us at a great expense to herself, as she had meager earnings from sewing and retirement checks. I still remember the way those pastries tasted and wish I could find them again.

She had endless patience and when I messed up or spilled something, her first words were always “That’s nothing”.

She wore fox fur collars with the head still attached and crystals sown in for the eyes.

She used to have (what I interpreted as a child) crazy and spontaneous ideas. She had a shoemaker make a pair of custom-made shoes for me. They were of the highest quality and fit me perfectly as no other shoes have before. But they looked a little too “retro” for me, and being a stupid, ungrateful, and confused teenager, I refused them.

I felt that no one understood her and I wish I could tell her how little I care about washing the dishes and that I bought a pair of zigzag scissors because I miss her.

This photo was taken in Gdańsk in 1962. She was 52.


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