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Rejection – The Name of The Game I’m Playing

Glossolalia Dosia McKayFeeling very unrecognized and provincial as I contribute to global flooding.

“Dear Ms. Mckay [my name misspelled],

Thank you for your inquiry. We are overwhelmed by requests to review independently produced CDs by composers and performers, and so we have to be very selective. Essentially, save for very unusual exceptions, we will only accept physical product produced by a recognized label with international distribution. I know this may sound arbitrary, but there are dozens of such labels as it is, and at least this allows us to deal with the flood of stuff coming out each month in a rational way. Everyone today, it seems, is producing recordings, and the market is drowning in releases by people looking for free publicity, and much as we would like to mention much more than we do, it’s just not feasible. So we wish you much luck with your project, but I’m afraid it’s not for us, at least for now.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards, …”


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