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Working with the 2nd Violin of NeoQuartet – Composer’s Perspective

Paweł KapicaA few notes from the recent recording session of my new album Glossolalia. Today I share about working with the 2nd Violin of NeoQuartet – Paweł Kapica.

Paweł very skilfully inhabited the sonic space between the 1st violin and the viola within the quartet. The color and intensity of his sound always supported and blended well with Karolina’s 1st violin, and yet remained distinct. At one point Karolina’s high string developed a buzz and the two musicians exchanged their parts and switched places to continue recording. The new combination sounded odd and we had to switch back and wait for Karolina to repair the string. You couldn’t interchange the two instruments without altering the color of the mix!

As a composer, I understand the role of the 2nd violin, but I don’t like to keep it in the background at all times. In fact, I often give it unexpected solos and, in fast passages, I treat it equally with the 1st violin so they can play antiphonally.

Fun fact about Paweł: Paweł played the leading part in the trio “Grit and Glitz” on the recording and did not hold back for a moment. This piece required a slight crossover to the dark side of pop, and he instinctively threw in a few fun slides into the music that were not written in. He may appear to be a reserved classical type, but give him the license to play with some glitz and he won’t look back.

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