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Glossolalia Set to Release June 4

Glossolalia Dosia McKayMy new album Glossolalia is set to release on June 4, 2014! Glossolalia, meaning speaking or praying in tongues, is a spiritual practice or a worship expression found in certain streams of the Christian church as well as in some non-Christian religions. An interesting phenomenon is singing in tongues during public worship when members of a congregation improvise short melodies instinctively embellishing the notes of a common major chord. This group expression sometimes leads to a spiritual trance and ecstasy and the improvised music is quite mesmerizing and beautiful. I sometimes think about all of the music being presently created in various styles and genres, merging into a single essence, expressing the sum total of our humanity. And what is music, but a search for ecstasy, a transcendent and an otherworldly experience?


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