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Working with the Cellist of NeoQuartet – Composer’s Perspective

Krzysztof PawłowskiComposer’s perspective – working with the cellist of NeoQuartet, Krzysztof Pawłowski: It’s not a secret that cello is my most favorite of the string instruments, so I was looking forward to Krzysztof’s interpretations of my lyrical legato cello solos. But then he played simple syncopated pizzicoatos I have written in “Grit and Glitz”. I don’t think I have ever heard such deep and round pizzicatos on the cello. Sometimes he bent them and vibrated them to make them sound more bass-y. And now I have them on tape and I will be rewinding to that point!

Fun fact about Krzysztof: he works better under pressure. At one point we were struggling with recording of one of his solos. When I told him that I give him one final take and nothing more, he played perfectly.

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