Music Well – Dosia McKay, Composer, Painter, Writer

Reflections on Art and Life


EthyleIn nineteen fifteen
Ethyle was twenty three
So says the back
Of a sepia photograph
Only shards of second hand memories remain
That no man took away her name
That she knew how to enter the room
That she left the old behind to start anew
And that her hats gloves and furs

A solitary pearl pendant pointed
Toward her hand clutching draped silk
Sliding off her soft creamy shoulders
The decolletage is one thing
But the hair
Mercy her!
Let down in a defiant unkempt cascade
In nineteen fifteen mind you
What would people say?
Best to be braided stuffed and strapped
But she was sassy enough
Not to give a damn

Look at me Ethyle
Through the glossed over haze
And tell me why do they still
Weave us from the same thread
A hundred years later
We insist on breaking
Out of our corsets to be thought
Somewhere between a virgin and a whore
Always only one clasp away from madness
Posing for a thousand self inflicted lenses
Graceful without exhaling
Silently gathering
The audacity to look ahead
Without blinking

©2013 Dosia McKay

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