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Grit and Glitz – A New String Trio Premiered in Brooklyn

I was recently invited by the W4 New Music Collective to participate in their program of new music at Exapno in Brooklyn, NY. I composed a new string trio for the concert and had a lot of fun collaborating with Patti Kilroy (violin), Nick Revel (viola), and Rose Bellini (cello) in preparation for the premiere.

“Grit and Glitz” is a high energy show-off piece. Venturing out into the territory of catchy pop and rock melodic gestures, it creates a safe and accessible sonic environment, yet consistently stretches its boundaries until it breaks into a cadenza/ improvisatory section exploring jazz harmonies. “Grit and Glitz” feels familiar, yet surprises with fresh textures and unexpected turns.

The title “Grit and Gliz” marks my first Brooklyn premiere and expresses my love-hate relationship with the New York borough depicting my fascination with the glitzy and chic neighborhoods and my dismay after being lost at night in a gritty part of town.

The enclosed track features a live recording from September 25, 2011.

Photo by Barry Yanovitz.


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