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“Unveiling” – New Work for String Orchestra

I am happy to announce that I have completed another orchestral work. “Unveiling” for string orchestra is one in a series of three orchestral compositions I am currently working on. I don’t know why I tend to work in triptychs (triplets?!). Perhaps it’s the classical notion of a sonata or a concerto, or maybe my fascination with symmetry.

All three compositions are roughly 8 minutes long each. While “Unveiling” was written for string orchestra, the remaining two works are augmented by woodwinds and harp and are set in a much faster tempo.

“Unveiling” is an exploration of layers of sounds. Beginning with one solitary note, new aural strata gradually unfold in which multiple layers of counterpoint constantly shift, weave, and intersect until the tension is finally broken in an unveiling of a tender and fleeting soundscape. The closing section is a reversal of the opening in which the layers of sound gradually recede until only the opening solitary note remains.

During the past year I have listened to much of new music of different styles, genres, and historical origins. Although I often draw inspiration from contrasting musical encounters, I find it fascinating that, without any predetermination, the three orchestral pieces I have been working on became an exploration of my Polish musical heritage. You are likely to hear in them echoes of string writing of such Polish composers as Grazyna Bacewicz, Romuald Twardowski, or Henryk Gorecki.

For now, enjoy the enclosed excerpt from “Unveiling” and stay tuned for the remaining two works I will post in the next few weeks. The MP3 file is a fragment of my computer rendition (mockup), but I will be entering my works into competitions and hope to find a good orchestra to perform and record my compositions. Thank you for listening.
June 2011 update: Please click on this link to listen to live recording excerpts.


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