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Lush – New Jazz Piece for Soprano Saxophone, Piano, and Chamber Orchestra

I am very pleased to announce the completion of the recording of my new work for soprano saxophone, piano, and chamber orchestra. Please be sure to download the enclosed MP3 file from this link and feel free to distribute it to your friends.

From left: Alex Raderman, drums, Rich Shemaria, piano, Dosia McKay, composer, Rob Jacoby, soprano saxophone, Marty Isenberg, bass.
Lush, written last December, is a culmination of my studies in jazz composition and arranging with Rich Shemaria. The title of the work reflects my infatuation with New York and a new-found inspiration after I began studying film scoring at New York University last fall.

One thing the city does not lack is the abundance of talented and enthusiastic musicians. For me as a composer, there is no greater joy then to interact with such people and to hear them transform my vision into an audible reality:

Rob Jacoby on soprano saxophone is a very busy woodwind session player and he is only an undergrad! It’s safe to say that his musical path is headed in the right direction. Rich Shemaria on piano is an established New York City composer, orchestrator, and pianist–I am privileged to learn from him and honored that he saw promise in my early sketches. Talented NYU orchestral players who gave me as professional recording session as any seasoned session players, and the guys who understand what all the knobs and faders do on the studio console: Paul Howells who engineered and mixed the session with the assistance of Jerry DeVore and Zachary Werner.

The recording took place at the Dolan Recording Studio at the Steinhardt School of Music at New York University and was made possible by people who care.

One comment on “Lush – New Jazz Piece for Soprano Saxophone, Piano, and Chamber Orchestra

  1. thank you for sharing this – i will be sure to have a close listen to it..

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