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Death by Settling Down

Used to carry wind in his pockets
The call of the forests
Chirped in his ears

No more
Found strangled in his sleep
Smothered he was
By a crafty hand
She promised him
Ever after
Happily she poisoned
With infectious sameness
Day in day out
Two-car garage
Till death do us part

All the bison he would hunt
All the falcons he would fly
Alas he only cowered away
From incessant slaughter
Of passive aggressive hacking
At the cadaver of his
Bloody soul

Bloody hell of self-denial
She clawed out his vision
With her French manicure
And sucked out his will
With Kool-aid drama of
Beautiful Living

Feasts of the mind
Rawness of the heart
Taken hostage
Faithfully she served
Starvation by gourmet preoccupation
Pear in autumn
Cellulite in springtime
Lethal injections
Of exotic inebriants
Stabbings of dull words

Mountain peaks crumbling
North Poles thawing
Stranded he was
By blizzards of mortgages
Braces, dues, and social graces

Wildness of the soul
Now in full remission
Thanks to advancements in
Channel subscription
Keep him from
Rudely blowing up

His brains
On patented prescription
Death by settling down

©2009 Dosia McKay


One comment on “Death by Settling Down

  1. bindo
    June 9, 2009

    How many times have I been challenged this way? How many times have I envisioned just this ending? But never words, until now…Thank you

    To my blogroll you go


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