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The Way We Were

Long after we are gone
They will unearth our bones
From beneath warm glaciers
Or cold ashes of extinct volcanoes
They will store our frail artifacts
In hermetic containers
And date them
Somewhere between
Pre and Post
With an acceptable margin of error
We will be a topic
Of someone’s dissertation
They will chart our journeys
Outline our courage
Measure our grasp
And explain our fears
Then we will finally know
Why we were
The way we were

©2009 Dosia McKay

3 comments on “The Way We Were

  1. pochp
    February 2, 2009

    Great foresight.
    It was just like scanning a sci-fi novel.

  2. Donald Harbour
    February 4, 2009

    I think I see a little of AI in here. I like the vision of time you created. Nice to see you are writing, musicing, and arting. Still good stuff. Did you graduate?

    • Dosia McKay
      February 4, 2009

      Hi Donald, thank you for stopping by. I’m graduating in May. Graduate school to follow.

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