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Jubilance and Lament – New Compositions

I am enclosing links to my latest compositions: The Jubilance and the Lament. Both works were composed to satisfy the final requirement of a counterpoint course in my undergraduate studies and both draw inspiration from Johann Sebastian Bach’s Das Wohltemperierte Klavier.

In their initial version, the Jubilance and the Lament were written for piano solo, but since I often crave the sounds of the string orchestra, I have decided to orchestrate them.

The Jubilance (a Prelude) explores the development of a very short single theme through melodic mutations and harmonic modulations. It’s full of colorful energy. I think it actually has a temper 🙂

The Jubilance – a Prelude – Piano version

The Jubilance – a Prelude – String Orchestra version

The Lament is a 4-voice fugue, diametrically opposed in character to the prelude, is very somber and sorrowful and explores varying degrees of chromaticism.

The Lament – a Fugue – Piano version

The Lament – a Fugue – String Orchestra version

I have two other compositions for piano solo which were inspired by my counterpoint studies this semester. You can read about them and listen to them here

©2008 Dosia McKay

One comment on “Jubilance and Lament – New Compositions

  1. iwka
    June 4, 2008

    …posluchalam se… kompletnie sie nie znam, ale Preludium bylo “skoczne”, a Fuga ma troche takich wspolczesnych klasycznych brzmien, taka zatrwazajaca momentami…podoba mi sie…
    …gratulacje z powodu Presser Scholar
    …moze mi jaki autograf przyslesz albo kawalki manuskryptow, to jak juz bedziesz slawna na calego, to sie pochwale przed swiatem, ze cie znalam… 🙂

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