Music Well – Dosia McKay, Composer, Painter, Writer

Reflections on Art and Life

If My Brother Were In Town

If my brother were in town
We would waste no time
Discussing the weather
I would parade him on the waterfront
And with a paralyzing gaze
I would let the young girls know
They would need my consent

If it rained
He would open up a parachute
And his strong tall arm would guide me
He would wrap his scarf around me
I would hold on tight
But that would be alright
Because it’s not about that kind
Of goose bumps

He would say
That he would marry her
In a heartbeat
If she were
More like me
But that all she wanted was a new refrigerator
And now he is old enough to know
That it takes more
Than a pair of warm breasts
And it’s too complicated

But that Thailand looks bright
And with the dollar being weak
Things might open up
But that it would mean
We would be apart
For a long time
As always

But I wouldn’t tell him I would miss him
Or anything sissy like that
Because I have learned to run with scissors
With the other guys
Here I’m the only girl in class
So that’s how things have evened out
And I really don’t mind
Because it’s not about that kind
Of goose bumps

We would ride into the night
On Northshore Drive
With techno music blaring out
And through the rolled down windows
The wind would rake
Our mousy Slavic hair
And I would laugh out loud
Poking at his strong tall arm
But this time it wouldn’t hurt
Like it did when I was eight
And we used to fight

And maybe we could finally cry
Over grandpa’s ten year Siberian stunt
That really messed up our dad
And our tender lives
That don’t rhyme sometimes

©2008 Dosia McKay

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