Music Well – Dosia McKay, Composer, Painter, Writer

Reflections on Art and Life


And here is John’s study
Look at all his books
He is so smart, bless his heart
Yes, we went to Florence last summer
This marble countertop
And the matching rococo paper towel holder
I need to clip poopy-pooh’s nails
I only use china for special occasions
Paper or plastic?
Oh, no, I don’t cook
But her outfit was really cute
Look how this white carpet tracks all the dirt
And this is my walk-in closet
Where I sometimes cry myself to sleep
He got me a sixty thousand dollar Lexus
And the seat warms my butt in the winter
This is my cousin’s reunion
And these people on the refrigerator love me
I collect little clowns with painted faces
No, the shell-shaped soap is just for decoration
Honey, how do you turn on these fake logs?
Oh my, how the time has flown
We need to do it again soon

©2008 Dosia McKay

One comment on “Hospitality

  1. shea
    January 21, 2008

    Dosia is a pretty name. Sounds angelic.

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