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New Music for Cello and Piano – the Triptych

cello.jpg Farandole



(Samples from a live performance by Matt Wilkinson, cello and Melony Maness, piano, March 29, 2009)

I am pleased to unveil my latest composition for cello and piano. The Triptych paints three pictures influenced by the elements of the French culture. The first movement entitled Farandole is a spirited circle dance of Provencal origin.

The second movement – Legend – is a lament song with chant-like motives, evoking the sense of loss over long-forgotten kingdoms and languages of medieval France.

The final movement – Carousel – is a playful ride through harmonies reminiscent of early twentieth century French music.

I didn’t exactly plan this imaginary trip to France. I have not been to France in many years, but couple of my friends in recent months have. Perhaps my subconsciousness connected the dots and painted these pictures for me.

I tend to associate visual concepts with my music. It’s almsot as if I can see it before I can hear it. I often think of a specific place when I write, a particular “flavor” of the surroundings.

©2007 Dosia McKay
* Image by Eforto

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