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Submerged – New Music for Piano Solo

(A sample from a live performance by David Pegel, piano, March 29, 2009.)

When I was in ninth grade my friend played for me “The Submerged Cathedral” by Claude Debussy. I remembered the feeling of calm and mystery the piece evoked. I was hoping to create the same emotion in my new piece for piano solo, Submerged. The piece is characterized by long stretches of the sustain pedal and absence of rests – the sound fills every crevice and floods the space as if with water.

The composition was finished in March but I did not have a chance to post it until now. If you care to know, I wrote this piece at the Miami International Airport. I really don’t know how I managed to write such calming harmonies. The security workers at the airport were rude and treated passengers like cattle…

©2007 Dosia McKay

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