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Birthing Art

It seems to me that artists don’t really create anything new. I feel that everything has already been created, but it has not been brought into light, it has not been birthed. Our role is only to assist in its unveiling. In that sense I am only a midwife, not even a mother, and certainly not the Creator of the DNA.

One of my virtual paintings entitled “Medusa” has a fantastic deep blue swirl. I stare at it with adoration. Not because I have invented blue. I just happened to be there when it needed help coming out into the light and I gave it a shape. And maybe it’s as simple as that.

©2007 Dosia McKay

4 comments on “Birthing Art

  1. m6fan
    October 10, 2007

    No, I cannot agree…..I firmly believe you created it…..perhaps not the Creator of the DNA, as you say, but certainly the mother….

    Only you could have brought forth this creation….no other person could have because it is unique…it is you….

    I compare it to when I listen to my most favorite music,
    C’era Una Volta (Once Upon a Time) by Ennio Morricone, he created that moving piece….of art. Yes, all the notes (the elements of DNA) were there for the taking but he, only he, made it come to creation….in that one unique way…….

    btw, Medusa is beautiful……looking at it reminded me of Morricone’s music.

  2. Dosia McKay
    October 11, 2007


    It’s so interesting that you would mention Morricone. He happens to be one of my favorite composers. His music to the movie “The Mission” is my all time favorite.

    Beside that, thanks for disagreeing. It keeps things interesting.

  3. m6fan
    October 11, 2007

    That’s Funny……I was just listening to The Mission….Gabriel’s Oboe as I was looking over some of my prints….then saw your reply.

    I love the piece as well.

    Good Night.

  4. musicwork
    October 12, 2007

    Do you know the book “The Art of Possibility” by conductor Ben Zander? In it he describes Michaelangelo as not so much chipping away at the uncarved block to create his masterpiece, but removing the layers that are hiding the masterpiece that is already there. I like the idea that in fact it is the art that is in charge, and our job as artists is to be sensitive to it, and skilled in such a way that we can reveal for others. Like a medium… or midwife, as you say!

    It is very evident in improvisation. The more intently we connect ourselves with what has already been played in an improvisation, the more clearly we will hear where the music wants to go next.

    Often I say to one of my groups (be they children, or professional musicians) when improvising together, “Find the ending”. The first time I say this it often causes some confusion, and the music will be stopped abruptly. But I go on to explain that the ending is there, it will reveal itself, so all I am asking them to do at the point is to be aware of it, and attuned to finding it, together.

    Dosia, thanks for dropping by the music work blog! I’m looking forward to exploring your blog more fully.

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